Moroccan Camel Trek

Morocco Camel Treks in The Sahara

Morocco Camel Trek

Morocco camel trek in the Sahara is a hike in the desert. It is a walk in the Sahara with Berbers, nomads and a caravan of camels. Our Morocco desert wa is of a few days, 2, 3, four to five. But the desert trek can be longer: Enjoy a Sahara camel trek tour during your visit or a stay in a Morocco Sahara desert Erg Chebbi or Erg Chigaga.

Camels Treks in Sahara Desert

The Camels in the Sahara desert are an ancient mode of transport in Morocco Sahara Desert. Camels are hardy, powerful animals, perfect for traveling the desert sands. Along your route, you will see shifting dunes, desert parks, and camps while you experience the harsh, arid beauty of a desert landscape. Our locals guides and trekking team are experienced and will look after you throughout your adventure.

Join our Morocco camel trek in with traditional desert life by learning to cook flatbread on an open fire, feeding the camels, be decorated with henna, learn how to keep water cool when the weather is hot in the desert sun, and search for the unusual rock formations known as ‘sand desert roses.

Moroccan Sahara Trek 

Morocco Camel trek is undoubtedly a ‘must’ for every traveler as a way to experience the mode of transport of the Berber nomads of the Sahara.

There are several possibilities of camel treks, offered by Travel To Desert, starting from a days outing to a two-week expedition.

Experience Morocco Sahara desert trek of a lifetime living and traveling with us in the Moroccan Sahara desert. Berber and Bedouin lifestyle on an extended camel treks, sleep under the stars and enjoy the hospitality of real nomads. Explore the contrasting desert ecosystem.

Sahara Trek Through Locals

Morocco Camel trek, is a no-frills excursion that will add a unique and authentic dimension to your vacation. An adventurous, authentic, and affordable experience.

Trekking off into the dunes as the sun sets, spending the night under the starry sky in the Sahara desert of Morocco camel trek, drumming around the fire following an impressive Berber dinner, camping in the wild desert of Morocco at Erg Chebbi, or at Erg Chigaga, and watching the sunrise over the golden dunes.

Some things an unforgettable experience, The night sky in the desert is stunning with fire and drum party to take you away from the huss and fuss of the city life.

Encourage Local family in Morocco and live how they live.

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Morocco Desert Trekking

4 Days Trekking Desert Morocco

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Morocco Desert Trekking

2 Days Sahara Trek Morocco

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Morocco Desert Trekking

Night in the Desert Morocco

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Morocco Desert Trekking

Morocco Trek 5 days

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Morocco Desert Trekking

Overnight Camel Trek Morocco 3 Day

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