Best 2 Day Camel Trekking in Mhamid Morocco

Best 2 Day Camel Trekking in Mhamid Morocco





Check out the best 2 Day Camel Trekking in Mhamid is one of the best ways to experience the nomadic Sahara desert lifestyle; Our 2-day Moroccan camel trek will help you explore the best of the Moroccan desert. Enjoy 2 days and an overnight stay night in the Morocco Sahara desert. Watching the sunrise and set over the dunes.

HERE ARE 2 Day Camel Trekking Tour HIGHLIGHTS

  • An ideal trek for the discovery of desert life in all its aspects.
  • Explore the real desert and discover the beautiful life of the nomads.
  • Discovery of the culture and life of the nomads of southern Morocco.
  • Ride camels and hike to experience the desert dunes.
  • Experience the magic of the nights under the tent in the desert.
  • Discover the palm groves and architecture of towns and Kasbahs in the Draa Valley.


  • 2 days Desert trekking
  • The accompaniment by a local team: Camel drivers, cooks, camel caravan
  • All meals and drinks (water & Berber tea, coffee) in the desert
  • Camping equipment (tents nomads, small mattresses, blankets, kitchen …)
  • Sleeping bags ( winter time)
  • Tips for staff and extras.

Tour Plan :

Best 2 Day Camel Trekking in Mhamid Morocco

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Mhamid : N 19, Mhamid Center, 47402, Morocco